Cognitive Behavioural Therapy




I have been asked many times over the years how it is that I surthrived my past. How it is that I am so positive and whole. How it is that I have overcome some of the worst experiences anyone can go through.


My mindset got me through … it may not be what you think.


There is lots of talk about believe and the universe will provide. Receive abundance through manifestation. Mindset is like that … and it’s not. Mindset is not just about what you think in terms of what gets you through a rough patch. It is also the way in which we perceive our past and present experiences. How much we allow other's opinions and actions to guide our own. Taking things personally is the devil. Wrapping our day … our year … our self-image up in a moment of discord with someone else’s opinion pours us into the abyss and it’s us who opens the gateway to fall into it. Mindset is the guarding of your self-opinion. Mindset is not fake it ’til you make it, it’s not pushing through; it’s moving upward on a consistent and conscious trajectory. Mindset is mind over opinion … mind over matter. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you how to do that with minimal practice because it becomes that common sense reaction that you implement the way you breathe … automatically. 


Through every moment of the trauma, I experienced I always held the thought that something better lay ahead. I naturally practiced positive mindset, through those experiences I also learned that I needed to be an active part of creating that better I had been looking forward to. 


My life now is filled with purpose that I have created. I am living on my terms and giving back to the world around me because that’s what makes me happy. I have raised 3 amazing humans who are all loving and contributing members of society. As a part of my life of giving-back, I decided to become a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner. Who better to help people realize their potential than someone who has experienced every reason to give up on life? 


I surthrived through my experiences because of my mindset, because of my natural ability to recognize what I needed to do not just to push through but to push upward. I know how to help you to implement the inner tools we all have and make them work for us as a part of your lifestyle. 


You may be asking what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is and how it works. In a nutshell, it is a present-focussed therapy. That does not mean we don’t explore the foundation for coping mechanisms; it means we don’t focus on what cannot be changed. We focus on changing how we view those experiences to access the tools you relied upon to survive adversity and put them to good use. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a time-limited, goal-oriented form of psychotherapy. We work together to identify, question, and change the beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your life goals. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is structured, time-limited (6-20 sessions), goal-oriented, and teaches lifetime strategies and skills.

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