Marnie helps people heal and deal with the triggers, sadness, anger and overall damage left behind from trauma. 


As an adult survivor of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, Marnie has experienced the daily impact of living

with trauma firsthand – and most importantly, how to manage and overcome it. 


Marnie knows the despair that comes with feeling helpless; she vividly remembers the times when she thought/felt that she would drown in the seemingly never-ending triggers. Her nightmares were so severe that she would fight to stay awake out of sheer fear, as the physical heaviness attached to the abuse she suffered haunted her in her sleep. She lived through the flashbacks like slow motion videos that came often and struck without warning. She knows what it is to be stuck … and to be terrified of quiet moments. 


It took much time, much work, and a lot of courage for Marnie to heal … now she is a surthriver; the flashbacks still visit, the triggers continue, but the nightmares are gone. The devastating sadness that was attached to those fleeting moments are gone. 


Guided by her personal experience, Marnie now works to help people others navigate their own healing journeys. 


Please note: Marnie is not a licensed psychologist or health care professional. Marnie supports and encourages people who are working through trauma to also see a licensed practitioner and/or participate in group therapy. 

Pricing and Packages

One session: 45 Minutes 95.00 USD

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Three 45 minute sessions: 250.00 USD

Six 45 minute sessions: 450.00 USD 


All sessions must be paid in full to secure your appointment.   

Cancellations MUST be made 24 hours prior to appointment. 

Cancellations not made 24 hours prior to appointment will result in the deduction of the following fees for your package:

Three session package 83.00

Six session package 75.00 

All fees paid are non-refundable. 

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