"To meet Marnie is to be in awe of her presence"

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"Marnie had the audience captivated instantly...

you could hear a pin drop"


"An elegant summation of the complexities concerning abuse, trauma, and homelessness; an interactive dance between reality and prose, Marnie Grundman's, MISSING: A True Story Of A Childhood Lost is a gift to society, offering us all a much needed 21st century upgrade to our social software." 


Zach Rhoads - Television host of Young Justice 

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Date: September 16, 2017 

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Marnie Grundman,

Date: TBA 2017


"Not only is Marnie Grundman's story written with the gripping compulsion of a well written novel but, by bravely allowing us to bear witness to poignant and repeated acts of cruelty, abuse, violation, exploitation and possibly even murder, we are honored by her fierce commitment to give voice to those whose voices we hear least; the voice of child victims."


James Curtis - Host of the radio show, Mindset 

President of the Los Angeles Area Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

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Marnie Grundman,

Date: TBA

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