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Marnie Grundman is a renowned advocate and expert for runaways and homeless youth.

"We feel fortunate that Marnie Grundman has come to share her moving account of her life as homeless 13-year-old a couple of times with our donors. She gives a face to the experience of a vulnerable young person on the street, and she offers her testimony with an open, generous spirit. As a speaker for your event, Marnie will engage and inspire your audience, and offer them a story they will not soon forget."

Stacey Carcao
Manager, Events
Covenant House Toronto

"Marnie had the audience captivated could hear a pin drop. That's quite the feat when you're speaking to over 250 guests at The Hard Rock Cafe. She is incredibly poised, articulate and so relatable. She could be your sister, mother or best friend. By sharing a pivotal time during her homeless years, she poignantly conveyed to us how one single positive relationship or conversation, can be life-changing. She brought meaning and context to our fundraising event for MyToronto: Changing Perspectives- a Ve'ahavta initiative that recognizes and celebrates the perspective of people affected by homelessness through the art of photography."


Diane Pinsky Rothman

Love MyToronto Event co-chair

Marnie Grundman speaks on a variety of topics related to children, child abuse, runaways, homeless youth, sex trafficking and healing from trauma. While her number one mission is to break the stereotypes related to runaways and the homeless she also speaks on variety of topics designed to motivate people to reach beyond the stars. 

Marnie’s personal experience as a homeless youth and runaway gives her the ability to share a first hand insight that touches and inspires her audience. She is candid and possesses a vulnerability that allows her to connect on a deep level with her listeners. 

Marnie  is available for speaking engagements and panel discussions for youth groups, support groups, organizations, conferences, businesses and schools.


Prior Speaking Engagements, Interviews, Radio Shows, Conferences and Presentations:

Global News, Breakfast Television Montreal, Breakfast Television Toronto, The Marilyn Denis Show, Women's Broadcast Television, Young  Justice Television Vermont,  CJAD radio Wise Women Canada, Experience 50 Podcast, The Coming Out Lounge Podcast, Surviving My Past Podcast, National Association of Adult Survivor's of Child Abuse radio show, Mike's Open Journal Podcast, Breathe Again radio show, Never Ever Give Up Hope Podcast, The Michael Chatman Giving Show, CJEvolution Law Enforcement Podcast, George Wilder radio show and James Miller LifeOlogy Podcast.

“Marnie Grundman captivated the audience with her inspiring life story.“

-Ve’ahavta, Love MyToronto event for the homeless

AVAILABLE FOR:                     *Book Signings

*Book Clubs                         *Articles


*Radio                                     *Interviews                              *Presentations                           *Consulting





(Including but not limited to)

*Life as a homeless teen

*Trauma and its Effects

*Rebuilding Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

*Surthriving Instead of Just Surviving


*Dating Profiles - Putting your best self forward

"I had the pleasure of interviewing Marnie Grundman on my show, James Miller | Lifeology. Marnie is a dynamic speaker who easily connected with my audience as she shared her life and the lessons she learned along the way. Any host who has the opportunity to interview Marnie can rest assured that Marnie will deliver a fantastic interview and will undoubtable touch the heart's of her audience."


James Miller, Host of the nationally syndicated radio and iHeart radio show: James Miller | Lifeology

"Marnie Grundman will grab your audience with her story and thoughtfully lead them to a deeply felt appreciation for the need to stand up and speak out for neglected and abused children."
Mary Rogers, Host of The Experience 50 Podcast

"It was great having Marnie Grundman on my podcast. Her story is heartbreaking, but her overall message of survival and determination is very inspiring to everyone who listens to her.

I would love to have her back on the show!"

Patrick Fitzgibbons, Host CJEvolution Podcast

"Marnie Grundman is such an inspiring activist and advocate for youth experiencing homelessness. Marnie came to speak at Wilfrid Laurier’s 5 Days for the Homeless campaign, and left the crowd speechless with the reality homelessness plays in our society. I would highly recommend Marnie’s book “Missing” to all ages, as the message she sends is eyeopening. We often don’t stop to think about the stories behind faces and are quick to judge. Marnie helps break this stereotype by sharing her story and is living proof of how far a random act of kindness can go. She is a role model we are all lucky to have!"


Marnie McCormac, Director of Education for the Laurier 5 Days for the Homeless Campaign 


"To meet Marnie is to be in awe of her presence. At first sight she looks like the woman who probably has had it all in terms of good things happening in her life. She is beautiful, refined, warm, and engaging, with a sweet touch of exposed shyness. Her soul is the same. However as we know, appearances are deceiving. When this woman speaks I always tear up; I simply want to reach out to rescue that vulnerable child she once was (and still is somewhat), I just want to take her into my arms. These assaults on our humanity never leave us - and they will never leave her. What is so special about Marnie is that she is able to articulate the emotions and sensitivities of the defenseless. She paints a picture that I can relate too and others can understand as true. She brings an overwhelming cloud into focus by telling individual real stories. I adore and admire her for so many qualities, from her warm resolve to her tenaciousness to cure a continuing sociological malady. Who better to follow than the light that is Marnie Grundman."


 - Ruby Silvertown

Ve’ahavta /Love My Toronto

"Before speaking with Marnie Grundman, I believed I knew plenty about children who run away from home; "runaways." I was wrong. So dynamic are the lives of missing children, that to try to apply a stable diagnosis to any one runaway child is to inherently misinterpret the concept. Otherwise humane and thoughtful people- myself included- are often the ones harming lives by unfurling stigma and misappropriating rhetoric around social issuesMy audience tuned-in as Marnie changed my mind in real time. In 30 minutes, she normalized my existing worldview while slowly shifting my context to more salient cultural issues at hand. Very rarely does one encounter a person with just the right assortment of intelligence, compassion, and demand for truth. To say I recommend Marnie Grundman to speak at your function would be understating the truth--- it would be a mistake to miss the opportunity to hear her speak."

Zach Rhoads, Host of Young Justice Television channel 17 - Vermont

"Marnie is raw, real, transparent and not afraid to be vulnerable in order to have impact and move people towards their higher selves. She lets audiences in and then holds them by the hand as she takes them on a journey towards allowing their stories, their true essence, and their own form of honesty to step forward to bring them peace and joy on their own path towards fulfillment."


Rick Clemons, Host of The Coming Out Lounge Podcast

"Marnie's story is one of inspiration and courage in the face of tremendous adversity. When you read her book, and listen to her recount her life, it's clear that Marnie's heart is filled with a longing to help runaway youth and homeless children. Her story of survival from being raised in a home full of abuse and invalidation, and the safety that she sought by running away, is one that is all too common with millions of children each year. Her passion to raise awareness and advocate for these precious children and youth is beyond compare. I'm honored to have had the pleasure of interviewing Marnie on my podcast, and am equally honored to call her a friend." 

Matthew Pappas, Host Surviving My Past Podcast

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