A child who belonged to no one, missing at the age of 13, she spent years living on the streets where she experienced the worst of humanity first-hand. In her darkest hours, while living in an apartment complex sauna, she was sure that everyone who knew her had forgotten that she even existed. It was in those desperate hours that she decided she was paying up front for a better life that lay ahead. 


What began as a story of healing led to one of triumph, of the power of the human spirit, of one woman's surthrival against all odds. Marnie has since become an advocate for the missing, working to change the perception of runaway children so they might finally get the help they desperately need. 


Marnie has been featured on over 100 major television and radio shows in Canada, the United States and Europe including Breakfast Television, Global News, CP24 News, Young Justice, Here and Now CBC, NewsTalk 1010, CJAD, and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. 


Marnie speaks on a variety of topics related to children, child abuse, runaways, homeless youth, human trafficking (as a certified Shared Hope ambassador) and healing from trauma. 


While her number one mission is to break the stereotypes related to runaways and people experiencing homelessness she also speaks on a variety of topics designed to motivate people to reach beyond the stars. 


Marnie’s personal experience as a homeless youth and runaway gives her the ability to share a first- hand insight that touches and inspires her audience. She is candid and possesses a vulnerability that allows her to connect on a deep level with her listeners. 

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Nothing Bad Happens Behind Pretty Doors: A Story of Eventual Surthrival 


I began running away at the tender age of 5 years old after being dropped out of a two-story window; by 13 I was living on the streets full-time, having finally left my abusive family for good. I share my personal story with full transparency and vulnerability that draws audiences in as if I were speaking to each person individually. Along with my personal story of overcoming adversity, I work to advocate for our youth experiencing homelessness, delving into the misunderstood topics at the heart of this grave issue. 



-The truth behind why kids run away from home and how to provide meaningful, sensitive, and effective intervention 

-The impact left behind after surviving the streets

-Embracing healing as a lifelong process

-Turning survival into surthrival 

-Simple acts of kindness we can all give to people experiencing homelessness



The Silver Lining of Trauma.

This talk focuses on how to use your past experiences as tools for growth to move forward from trauma in a positive way. Surviving trauma provides a unique skill set that is central to resilience. As you embrace turning trauma into a tool, you come to a point of strength and perspective where nothing is insurmountable. 



Grieving is Receiving. 

In a world focused on moving forward, we often gloss over the grieving process. There is a guilt attached to giving time to “old wounds.” The result is that we carry them around unprocessed. This talk focuses on how and why we need to grieve to move on to a lighter, happier life. 



We Are All Perfectly Imperfect.

The stigma of being less than, of not achieving the milestones of our peers, whether its completing high school, going to college or owning nice things, is ever-present as we move forward with our lives. Part of moving from survival to surthrival includes finding our own self-worth, finding a deeper sense of self-image beyond our past, beyond the perfectly filtered personas and unrealistic expectations of society and our peers. 



(Carole,) Peter, Tom, Sally, and Diane

Making Friends with Your Un-invited Guests. 

Trauma survivors never completely heal. Triggers are something we need to make peace with and integrate into our lives to have control over our trauma/triggers. That control allows victims to become surthrivors. 

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Human Trafficking

The real faces of human trafficking are all around us in our daily lives. We are sitting to next them in restaurants, in line at the grocery store. The duct tape, the chains, the imprisonment is in their minds linking them to their traffickers. This talk is about the complexities of grooming victims and how to spot the early warnings signs to recognize these invisible victims. 



Youth Workshop

Focus: Runaway Prevention | Human Trafficking Awareness 

Trauma is a lonely road; when something bad happens, people have a tendency to think they are the only ones. Worse yet, they think they deserve it, and the trauma they suffer is compounded with guilt, shame, and isolation. This workshop shines a light on the truth in an interactive and meaningful way. Attendees leave with a new set of tools to help them be more mindful of what’s around them and supportive of peers who may be suffering. Awareness, compassion, and connection are vital to ending cycles of trauma and abuse and restoring self-worth and our place in the world.


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