Every month I create care packages and take to the streets to help people who are experiencing homelessness. Each package includes a $10 gift card for food which also gives a person on the street access to the bathroom; snacks, socks, toiletries, seasonal items (sunscreen in the summer, winter clothes, etc.,) feminine products, and dog food. My goal is to have 50 packages every month and I often make up the dollar difference myself. Your support is greatly appreciated! 


If you would like to drop off items on the list above please email lovemarnie@me.com 



                                                                                              Donate via Etransfer to lovemarnie@me.com


                                                                                                 Donate via PAYPAL 

Life on the streets was devastating and preventable. If I had known there were resources, places to go and people to go to for help I would not have lost my childhood to the streets.

I thought that I was alone in my experience. I didn't know the abuse I was experiencing didn't happen in every home; it was my "normal." Running away became my means for survival and coping. If I knew there were places I could run to, or call to get support I would have had a soft place to fall. If I had known what I was enduring was not my shame or fault I would have found my voice ... I would have told someone. 


When I go into a school and share my story ...

I am able to connect with the students in a unique way through my personal story. As the educators in the room listen in they are impacted and sensitized towards their "troubled" kids and better equipped to intervene. Every time I share my story someone will share their secret with me ... 


But I know there are more not sharing ... suffering in silence ...

Being able to leave my book in the hands of each student provides them a resource to connect to. My book isn't just about my life on the streets, healing, and surthival; it has resources, websites, my personal information and ways for children to reach for help. 


I can't do it alone. When I speak at a school  

Most have no budget to compensate me or purchase books for their students. I don't care about the compensation, I will never turn a local organization or an opportunity to help away. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase books for the students on my own. I need your help. I need sponsors.


Donate via Etransfer to lovemarnie@me.com


Donate via PAYPAL 

These are a few of the comments students left after a workshop day. There were 3 types of speakers; I have pulled a handful of their exit slips and the comments about my segment.

The interactive worshop that I teach includes a section on trafficking

(Toronto is a sex trafficking hub) and internet safety. 

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