"An elegant summation of the complexities concerning abuse, trauma, and homelessness; an interactive dance between reality and prose, Marnie Grundman's, MISSING: A True Story Of A Childhood Lost 

is a gift to society, offering us all a much needed 21st century upgrade to our social software." 

- Zach Rhoads - Television host of Young Justice 

"Not only is Marnie Grundman's story written with the gripping compulsion of a well written novel but, by bravely allowing us to bear witness to poignant and repeated acts of cruelty, abuse, violation, exploitation and possibly even murder, we are honored by her fierce commitment to give voice to those whose voices we hear least; the voice of child victims."

- James Curtis - Host of the radio show, Mindset 

President of the Los Angeles Area Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

"I could not put this book down. I thought I would read a few pages before bed and just could not stop reading it. Such an inspiring story and beautifully written. I might have to read it again."

- Sari Cornfield

"This is a beautifully written literary work with a vital purpose. Easy to comprehend with chapters that flow logically if not chronologically, the reader is brought quickly into the shoes of the author. It also presents a very painful story. "

Leon R. Koziol, J.D. 

Author, Attorney and Advocate 

"Very moving story! Page turner!!!"

- Tommy Groszman, Producer FAT Productions  

Book Your Story is a full service writing agency featuring renowned author and keynote speaker Marnie Grundman and writer Jade Alexandra. Together we offer ghostwriting, co-writing, editing, copywriting, and consulting services for a range of writing projects including books, articles, blogs, press releases, and general website content. 

Our writing specialties include inspirational, emotive, and descriptive writing, memoirs, stories of adversity, health and wellness, and true crime. 


Our writing can be found in books, blogs, news, articles and

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Marnie Grundman Missing A True Story Of A Childhood Lost

MISSING: A True Story Of A Childhood Lost


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Alienation Syndrome 
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Get your story written by an expert writing team.
We specialize in memoirs, true crime, health &wellness, stories of adversity, and inspirational books.

Will you take on any story?

No. We only take on projects that fit our writing expertise and that we are passionate about. Our specialties include: memoirs, true crime, positive/inspirational stories, health and wellness, and personal stories of overcoming adversity.

What types of writing services do your offer?

We offer co-writing, ghostwriting, blog writing, copywriting and editing services.

What is the price range for writing my story?

The range varies depending upon the length, research involved and topic of the book. The length of the book should be in keeping with books in a similar genre. For example, the best-selling memoirs are around 80,000 words, which translates to 186 pages (6x9 format)

What is the difference between co-writing and ghostwriting?

We offer two options: ghostwriting and credited co-writing. Ghostwriting: We write the book for you and you retain all of the credit as if you wrote it yourself. Credited Co-Writing: We are listed as co-authors and you are listed as the lead writer.


How long does it take?

Every project is a little different. The range is between 4 and 6 months. Some projects may take longer if there is extra research involved or if there are subjects that need to be interviewed.


Do you publish?

No. We can refer you to Meraki House Publishing to assist you in all areas of self-publishing. 

How do I get started?

Email us for a quote. We charge $125 usd per quote. 

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