Marnie Grundman a story about a runaway
MISSING: A True Story of a Childhood Lost

Once upon a time I was a missing child, a child of the streets. I began running away at the age of five after my mother dropped me out of a two-story window. Two broken arms later I was sent to live with my grandparents ... the creators of my mother. I spent the rest of my childhood running, for the last time at the tender age of 13 - this time for good.


Missing: A True Story of a Childhood Lost is a story of a young girl's survival, a woman's surthrival. It is a story of suffering, of rising up against all odds and discovering an appreciation of life.


"I decided that I was going through this hell as a kind of

pre-payment for a good life. From a very young age I always knew that better days lay ahead. Now I had an explanation as to why: I was paying up front. I decided that I was destined for greatness and I just had to power through."


Follow Marnie through her journey from stolen childhood to empowered woman as she details firsthand the power of the human spirit to heal and love.


"An elegant summation of the complexities concerning abuse, trauma, and homelessness; an interactive dance between reality and prose, Marnie Grundman's, MISSING: A True Story Of A Childhood Lost is a gift to society, offering us all a much needed 21st century upgrade to our social software." 

- Zach Rhoads - Television host of Young Justice 

"I urge you to read this book it will change how you see runaways"

- Jamie Orchard - Global News  

"Not only is Marnie Grundman's story written with the gripping compulsion of a well written novel but, by bravely allowing us to bear witness to poignant and repeated acts of cruelty, abuse, violation, exploitation and possibly even murder, we are honored by her fierce commitment to give voice to those whose voices we hear least; the voice of child victims."

- James Curtis - Host of the radio show, Mindset 

President of the Los Angeles Area Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

"A brave, raw and moving story about a young women trying to survive on the streets. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend it to anyone trying to overcome life's obstacles."

- Lisa Brookman MSW, PSW

Psychotherapist & Chief Wise Woman 

Co-Host Wise Women Canada CJAD 800 AM

“Makes you think twice before judging a dirty teenager stealing food from a convenience store. Marnie Grundman tells her story with dignity and grace while at times sharing her own disbelief at her very own story. A well-written, straightforward account of why runaways run and the dangers they face. This book will inspire readers to take their own painful stories and turn them into passion projects, helping others and raising awareness.”

-Mary Keyes Rogers - Host Experience 50 Podcast

"You know how everyone says they have a story ? ​I never in my whole life could have imagined Marnie's story. I've known her for years, a strong, confident successful artist. Always moving forward. Always taking care of others. I was so stunned and shocked reading her life story. I was holding my breath as I turned the pages. I wanted to take this little girl in my arms and take care of her. Shelter her and protect her. But, I truly believe Marnie would not be the strong successful independent woman and the amazing mother she is today if it were not for her story of survival. I love you Marnie you are my hero xoxox"

​- Donna Saker 

Midday Host on 92.5 The Beat

"Marnie Grundman's story tore at my heart strings. As a mother, I could never imagine treating a child as Marnie was treated. The abuse, the neglect, and the lack of love make it difficult to understand how anyone could survive or surthrive. Not only did Marnie overcome the years of abuse but there is one incident that I will never forget. When Marnie was only FIVE years old, her mother dropped her out of a TWO STOREY building window for financial gain. Marnie ran away from home at 5 years old and became a child who no one wanted. Marnie not only overcame the hell she experienced as a little girl, but she was able to learn from the pain to encourage and help others."

- Carol Graham 

Author of Battered Hope

Talk show host - Never Ever Give Up Hope

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